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A new on-air competition for radio’s on-air talent and programs

Congratulations to the Radio’s Got Talent finalists! Among hundreds of entries, this group made it through the first round of research in each of the ten format categories. Groups of at least 100 respondents, screened as core listeners to the formats, rated each of the entries. These finalists will now be faced off against each other in a final round of research with fresh panels of core listeners to each of the formats. Winners will be announced during next month’s All Access Audio Summit 2023.



  • Deanna, Justin, Hollywood Kyle
  • Jack Elliott & Ron Williams
  • Jeff Wicker & Rebecca Wilde
  • John Moug & Angie Morales
  • LoganSadie

Hip Hop/Urban

  • Andre Doc Williams/Dj Nonny Nonn/Jazz/Huff/Shamon/David Reese
  • Cain McCoy
  • Danie B(Alyssa Barnes)/Kevin Kon(Kevin Conn)/CJ(Clint Robinson)
  • LB Johnson/Dogg Johnson/Keisha Thomas
  • Mario j


  • Bo Stevens
  • Brooks (talent)/Bill (listener)
  • Dylan Hunter
  • J.R. Jaus/Launa Phillips/Kevin Ebel
  • Lea Fountain and recordings from the actual event

Rock/Classic Rock

  • Amanda ICE Habrowski
  • Jason (Drew) Hilton
  • Kathy Vogel
  • Michele Amabile
  • Stuck & Gunner--Don Stuck and Dave Gunn

Top 40/CHR*

  • Jay R the Superstar
  • Kristin Monica (Show Host)/Liz DelGrosso (guest for the segment)
  • Kiana Singh
  • Tanya, Brooke, and Mike
  • Kiana Singh

Classic Hits/Adult Hits

  • @KADENRADIO Nights on BIG 94.5 Phoenix, AZ | On-Air Content/Phones Aircheck
  • Alan Darsen/Jonathan King
  • Andre Doc WIlliams/Anthony Cruz
  • Coop
  • Just me, Jaybeau!

Contemporary Christian

  • Doug Griffin/Jayme Summers
  • Julie Pierce
  • Matt Pelishek, Aaron Perlman
  • Pastor Phil Jackson
  • Reyna Dejavou Young


  • Ari Hoffman
  • Ari Hoffman/Mike Seibert
  • BLove_Live is Brian Wilson. Contest Cut Featuring Ricky Tann.
  • JT Thompson/Leanne Thompson
  • Rizzo and Jeff


  • Dave Levora and Darren Pitra
  • Ed Robinson
  • John Moug & Angie Morales
  • Marcy Martino
  • Rebecca Clark-Duckworth


  • 1-KJ Carson
  • 1-KJ Carson
  • 1-KJ Carson/2-Joe Braverman (WEEI show producer on talk break, not in actual song parody)
  • Richard Anselmo/Gary Ayd (Host)

*Fewer than 5 indicate multiple segments were top 5.

What is RGT?

Radio's Got Talent is a new on-air competition for radio’s on-air talent and programs, showcasing the audio talent that listeners say they love most. Radio’s Got Talent will award cash prizes for the most entertaining radio programs and personalities in the U.S., totaling $10,000!